Thursday, July 03, 2008

Zombie Dance

[Photo credit: Daniel Hollister --]

i've been kinda feeling like a zombie lately. Not really like this one above, but more of a complacent, mindless, depressed, lazy one. i'm ready for it to pass. What do you do to shake off the zombie blues?


Dave & Shandie said...

Four shot Americano with half and half is a sure way to get motivated for just about anything. Successfully tested for mowing my parents lawn, tiling a bathroom, washing three cars, sacrament meeting, and of course, class.

h2oetry said...

A combination of a few things. I base this on what I do. You watch Arrested Development(or any well written medium) while downing your favorite cold drink. Then you do ten pushups and ten jumping jacks. Yell into a pillow, and then you are good to go. All the body functions are in high gear, and that is the best way to jumpstart a project of any kind.

I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

:: I like zombies

Grabloid said...

I'm zombified too. All I seem to be able to do lately is sleep in, listen to music, read a lot, watch movies, and occasionally work on some stuff for our project. I'm totally wasted lately.

Torben B said...

Dave - i'll hold off on your solution for a little while ;)

Jack - Thanks man. i'm seriously going to try this.

El - Zombies scare me. Well, kind of.

Travis - Maybe NYC and Italy kicked our asses more that we know? :)

Vegor said...

have you tried eating human brains? i cant believe that as a vegan I am advocating this...but it is worth a shot.