Tuesday, July 08, 2008

R.I.P. Bruce Conner

Bruce Conner passed away today at age 74 of natural causes. My friend Travis already posted a great article about Conner's death here and a post full of great links and information here, so i'll just add a few of my thoughts to his. i was introduced to Bruce Conner roughly two years ago while taking a class on beat art at UVU. As an aspiring filmmaker, it's easy to say that i've been most captivated by his incredibly spliced and innovative independent films. i have a few of his rare films, treasures that i present to house guests as a sort of initiation --- a sign of my confidence (and, i supposed, hope) in them. i show these films with eagerness, reminiscent of my desire to share scripture passages with friends when i first turned away from drugs and my old lifestyle. Of course, as i learned with my sometimes overbearing approach to sharing knowledge i'd gained, what changes your life doesn't universally transform the hearts of everyone. The process of exchange can be laborious and frustrating, often lacking reciprocity. Some of my friends have watched his films and walked away as if they'd just seen a reality tv show. Others, such as my wife, become instant enthusiasts and understand, almost intuitively, what makes his films so great. i am thankful for his vision and creativity that has profoundly impacted the way i view film and art. i encourage you all to delve into his work. i've only spoken briefly about his films. He has a large body of work that stretches over many mediums and many years. If you live close to me, stop by and we'll relax, turn the TV on, pop my DVDs in, and dig on some Bruce Conner together. That's how artists stay alive. Art derives and is ultimately retained and preserved in the memory.

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Grabloid said...

word brother.
i don't know what it is, i almost feel silly saying this...but, his work has affected me so deeply lately that i sort of feel like i'm mourning the loss of someone close to me...it has been on my mind non-stop...i regret never writing him a letter...