Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tea and Language

It's about 2:30 in the morning right now. Can't sleep. I'm drinking mint tea and thinking about language. Actually, I've been thinking about language non-stop for the last month or so. I'm in a class right now called "Language, most dangerous of possessions." To perpetuate my obsessions further, I also created a language blog called languagescraps with eight other guys. The blog has been great at bringing up a myriad of topics to get us thinking about language. I'm happy it's been so successful... it's one of the few blogs I've created that has been. Of course, my blogs are always broad, making it difficult for readers to get in to. Mint tea is good. I should start a tea party club.


Rikker said...

Thoughts on language + warm beverage = happiness.

Janae said...

ah... I associate mint tea with being sick. It was the "tussin" of my family growing up, that and a warm bath. Both folk remedies that I often indulge in. HMMM I wonder if I have any mint tea..