Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pandora Radio

I stumbled upon this site today. I think this is a fantastic idea --- a radio show that is constructed around your music taste. I typed in the artist named Common and instantly a playlist was generated for me full of similar performers, such as The Roots, The Digable Planets, and Gang Starr. Click on the above image to check it out.

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Rikker said...

Pandora is indeed a great site. I was a loyal user for about a year, but due to the crooked changes made about how royalties are gathered, Pandora had to shut its doors to all listeners outside the U.S. (using IP addresses as the filter) because they can't afford to make contracts and pay royalties for every single country a listener might possibly be listening in. I was really pissed off, and I wrote to inquire whether a legal resident of the U.S. who pays taxes in that country but is not located in the country qualifies for an exception. But he doesn't. Don't ask me why not. I'm still angry when I think about it. I hate the RIAA and its lobbying bodies and the havoc they wreak on law and order and justice and fairness with the passion of a infinite scorching suns. Like, really.