Monday, October 15, 2007

Rejected Again

So, once again, I didn't get in :( I'm not sure exactly what they are looking for. I feel like everyone tells me they like my stuff, but whenever I've tried to get published (only three times so far. I guess I have ten or seventeen more times before I'll give up. Well, I probably won't until I really believe that I suck) I get turned down. I think I'm good. But, then again, Horace said that friends and family make bad critics :) With that said, I feel like my family and friends are all pretty honest. Anyhow, I'm trying (successfully or unsuccessfully) not to let this get me down. I did think I was a sure bet this year. However, this has instilled a desire in me to self-publish a book of poems. I've thought about writing a poem each day, starting today, and seeing all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, I experienced within a month. Here is the one I wrote today:

Sometimes, I would rather punch you
Than have you read my poem
Communication can be so difficult


rikker said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get in. I like your stuff to. Self publish! Do it! You could do collected writings--poetry, blog entries, a few new essays for the book. I'll buy it.

rikker said...

to = too. Silly me.

The Holmans said...

Getting published is a weird thing. The only thing I ever wrote in my entire english undergrad that was publish-worthy was a book review that I wrote in 3 hours after drinking a really big iced americano (espresso and water and my form of patriotism). I do remember where I wrote it and about what time of day I wrote it but I don't remember anything spectacular about writing it. When my professor (my favorite professor of all who previously worked with Ginsberg in Boulder, CO) handed it back to me and told me it was professional quality, I had to read it again to remind myself of what I wrote. This fluke of inspiration has warranted me less than ample preaching rights; it does, however, tell a story and stories get published.