Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Burma Cont'd

To me, this extremely disturbing image from says everything about the current situation in Burma:

The above linked website also gave this description of the photograph (although, I'm not sure it's entirely needed):

"Picture shows blood stain from an injured monk (not pictured) next to broken bricks after Myanmar security forces stormed a monastery in the eastern part of Yangon, early 26 September 2007. Myanmar security forces raided a monastery and arrested at least 100 Buddhist monks, tightening their grip after a violent crackdown on mass protests that left at least four people dead."

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Rikker said...

I found this picture mesmerizing. At work I have two side-by-side screens, and I had it open in the second browser for most of the day. Excellent photograph; terrible situation.

It's a shame that the thing keeping those countries with big business investments in Burma (China, Russia, Thailand, etc) from coming out against the junta along with most the rest of the U.N. and world is--you guessed it--money.