Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Umm... me.

i've been tagged by El, so i can't help but oblige. Here it goes (no word limit):

What is missing from my life? :: The clarity to know what i'm missing
Will I find love? :: i have.
Will I become rich? :: i can fathom becoming rich or living the greater portion of my life poor. i suppose it's a matter of chance.
Does someone have a crush on me? :: i often think people do. Probably not true :)
What is my favorite sexual position? :: i don't discriminate.
Am I good looking? :: Sure. i always think i was a more handsome teenager though. My wife disagrees.
What makes me the most happy? :: Truly feeling alive.
What is my biggest regret? :: Oh my. Umm... where do i start? :) Breaking hearts.
How will I die? :: Unexpectedly?
Do I act my age? :: i usually act younger than my age or like an old man, depending on the time of day.
What type of tattoo should I get? :: i want to tattoo "And what shall i love if not the enigma?" on my upper back.
What is my spirit animal? :: Since i experienced the Navajo medicine wheel, a deer.
Do I like pain? :: No, but i recognize its benefits. My constant migraines have humbled me many a time.
Is there anyone else like me out there? :: Not sure. i'd love some advice from them.
Do I love to party? :: i enjoy get-togethers. Does that count? Above 15-20 becomes a bit much for me. i like hosting parties though.
Where should I move to? :: A big city in the states, Europe, or back to Asia.
Am I secretly gay? :: No, but i have wondered before.
Will I ever be president? :: A more appropriate question would be: Would i ever want to be President? No.
What is fun for me? :: Movie watching, day-dreaming, talking, politics (strangely), and other stuff.
Will I ever learn to fly? :: i wish. i can't even fly in my dreams.
What is my super power? :: i'm super sensitive to vibes.
What can I do to move on? :: Accept the inevitability of past, present, and future mistakes and regrets. Also, keep a child's curiosity.

to carry on the tradition, i tag: andrew, jolyn, jack, and dave.

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