Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life Fragment - 08.30.08

Note in small notepad i carry with me:

i feel out of touch --- ashamed of my education. i talk over people's heads and have a hard time relating.


Grabloid said...

why ashamed?

Dave & Shandie said...

aka an "elitist"

Torben B said...

i guess ashamed of not being able to connect with other people, constantly being more concerned with the content of what i'm saying than saying things in a more connecting and comprehensible way. Sometimes i feel like pretentious, despite my intentions not to be.

Wouldn't it be "elitist" if i thought i was better than other people? My concern is with wanting to connect with other people, not expecting them to change how they are. i don't really place a value judgment on either mode of communication, only on the perceived inability. And, of course, it's not like i think i'm so intelligent that people don't understand me :) We all know that's not true. i just have a hard time speaking normally about things without going into some pseudo-academic diatribe and i feel it separating me from what i imagine as common, everyday discourse.

Aaron said...

I can relate to how you feel (although in different context). I don't, however, think that your rhetoric dissociates you from others quite much as it may seem from your perspective. I think that if anything your devotion towards profound thinking and speaking is a little contagious. When I listen to you I don't feel aloof; the opposite is true. Your carefully constructed words, sentences, and thoughts project a deep concern for the person you are talking to. I always leave your home feeling enlightened and uplifted, my mind a little more open.

Torben B said...

Thanks for the kind words Aaron. i appreciate them.