Saturday, February 16, 2008

Letter to my father-in-law

Here are some links for you about Obama. I know you were interested in learning more about him, so I thought I might send you some information and save you the time of seeking them out. I know you will disagree with him on many points, but hopefully he may prove himself as a potential candidate. I agree with him on many points. Of course, there are some policies I agree with more than others, but ultimately, I think that Obama symbolizes the deep need for change that currently pervades the hearts of the majority of citizens. In my mind, it's not about conservative or liberal. I, like Bonner, believe that a well-rounded leader (or organization for that matter) will reflect a balance of conserving policies and progressive policies that seek to disrupt the status quo. With that said, then, true leadership rests on sensibilities and the ability of the individual to make correct choices concerning potential consequences. Many times, a high moral character denotes sober-minded sensibilities. Nonetheless, in my opinion, some of the greatest atrocities performed have been acted out in the name of religion. Religion does not determine goodness. Goodness, however, does breathe life into a potentially hollow dogmatic vessel (think: the law of moses). Obama seems like a religious man. He also seems like a good man. Appearances can be deceiving (especially with a carefully calculated media spin), but I think there is a humility and strength of character innate to Obama's character. I feel that I live in a country in profound need of healing. Political pundits (on both sides of the fence --- the idea of a dichotomous fence itself is indicative of the divide) have greatly compartmentalized the interests of the nation and citizens into two overwhelmingly narrow categories. Yer either one of dem' liberals or one of dem' conservatives. All titles feel ill-fitting to me, but none as much as the shallow, and ultimately meaningless, titles of liberal and conservative. I am not a chess piece. Emotive arguments and divisive rhetoric fail to move me. The same people who blast Michael Moore for making slanted documentaries subscribe religiously to the propaganda spouted by figures such as Limbaugh, O' Reilly, and Hannity. I'd like to think that I prescribe to my conscience.

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