Friday, February 08, 2008

From NPR...What is the world coming to? :)

2008 Headline: Utah Goes for Obama?!?!

Something very, very strange is happening in Utah. And I don't mean polygamy or the liquor laws.

Some of Utah's smartest political prognosticators say Mitt Romney's exit from the Republican presidential campaign could have many Utahns, including Mormon Republicans, crossing the political no-man's land and voting for Democrat Barack Obama in November.

This is no joke. And there's polling that backs up what seems like an unlikely scenario.

It seems unlikely because Utah is often described as the most Republican state in the nation. There are so few Democrats in the state Senate that the Senate Democratic Caucus could meet in a mini-van.

Utah is also 60% Mormon and a Mormon apostle once told the faithful it's not possible to be a good Mormon AND a Democrat. It wasn't until 1978 that Mormon leaders dispensed with a belief that kept African-American males out of the Mormon priesthood, something every other worthy Mormon male easily attained.


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Will said...

Fascinating. I didn't see this.