Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Olbermann weighs in on Prop 8

If this does not make you think, i give up.


Dave & Shandie said...

It's a bittersweet victory for me these days. I'm excited about the new direction of this country and I'm excited about the new President, but I ask with full sincerity, is it worth it? Is this country or what this country has become worth it? Is it worth it even though I see political rallies filled with racial slurs and angry mob mentalities? Is it worth it when I see felons being re-elected to their Senate position or powerful ex-governors being let off the hook for paying for prostitutes with government money? Or is it worth it when we take a step forward in civil rights by electing a black man President and then take two steps back by degrading another American social group? I don't feel like "fighting for" what we have become as much as finding what's worth fighting for.

Aaron said...

The thing is, most people who supported Prop 8 did/do think. I did at least. My decision to support it wasn't blind hate nor a lack of love. I understand why people are for same-sex marriage, why they protest in front of the temple and such. I understand their desire to validate their unions, for themselves, for their children for their cause. I think they need to understand why people are opposed to it as well, not just keep accusing people of hate and a lack of desire to love or understand.