Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm going to be a journalist! until tomorrow or so.

i watched All The President's Men last night. Loved it. Made me want to be a journalist. It also made me sad that a huge story like that could very well break today and be brushed under the rug tomorrow. Remember Florida? Now we joke about it (even Gore joked about it last night)? He stole the election (studio audience roars into laughter --- one distinct laugh heard in the back, perhaps the same prominent laugh from The Cosby Show or the countless press conferences about the war)! This happens to me every time i watch a movie that enthralls me --- i want to be the characters in the movie. Films become a series of potential lives for me to choose from. And, of course, in my reality, i can somehow workout whatever life i ultimately settle on. Of course, i never settle because i continue watching movies. I'm blown about by every wind of plot and interesting existence. Through this, i suppose, remnants of my actual self surface, but with dreams and longings attached. Sneakers made me think about being a guy who breaks into banks and other high security places to test their security with a team of experts. i figured this suited me. It goes on and on.


Dave & Shandie said...

i want to be an oil man

Dave & Shandie said...

also, the image of "deep-throat" waving from behind his walker for his photo-op has really soured this movie for me. It's just not very badass when i imagine dustin hoffman in a secret meeting that has to be ramp accessible.