Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've been reading a lot of interesting blogs on Mormonism today. It feels great to know that there are other Mormons out there who, strangely, feel and think very similarly to me. My relationship with the LDS church has grown and developed throughout the last six years or so. Although at times I question my faith, I feel that my membership has been a great blessing to my life. Much of my time now is spent reconciling my ideas with popular ideas in Mormon culture. I rarely agree with mainstream conceptions of Mormonism. My testimony (conviction) of Mormon teachings is highly personal to me. At times it can be difficult to articulate why I feel like my not-so-mainstream testimony has been responsible for the retention of my faith. Here are some sites that I have enjoyed reading:

Additionally, I found the following article, written by my grandfather's friend, incredibly helpful also:

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Rikker said...

The ones I read pretty regularly are
Various Stages of Mormondom
By Common Consent