Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jack Kerouac from Mexico City Blues

211th Chorus

The wheel of the quivering meat conception

Turns in the void expelling human beings,

Pigs, turtles, frogs, insects, nits

Mice, lice, lizards, rats, roan

Racinghorses, poxy bucolic pigtics,

Horrible unnameable lice of vultures

Murderous attacking dog-armies

Of Africa, Rhinos roaming in the jungle,

Vast boars and huge gigantic bull

Elephants, rams, eagles, condors,

Pones and Porcupines and Pills –

All the endless conception of living beings

Gnashing everywhere in Consciousness

Throughout the ten directions of space

Occupying all the quarters in & out,

From supermicroscopic no-bug

To huge Galaxy Lightyear Bowell

Illuminating the sky of one Mind –

Poor! I wish I was free

Of that slaving meat wheel

And safe in heaven dead

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