Monday, July 10, 2006

" Master Painter"

A master painter once clutched his brush --
Creativity sprinting fludily throughout his being
Tearing into the empty canvas, he attacked with insatiable passion
Pausing ever so often to reflect and steer the masterpiece
Focused delicately, carefully planting livelihood
Brushes dipped in every color imagineable
Breathing life --
Colors mixed, creating unfathomable hues
Past taboos of art thrown amidst other false realities
Unprecedented beauty soaked into the canvas
A radical, a visionary, a man of exceeding wisdom!
Tranfusing truth into each movement of the wrist
Creating depth effortlessly
Devouring each moment and each second of each stroke
He painted culture --
Placed his brush on the floor and stood in awe of his masterpiece

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