Sunday, June 25, 2006

“The Box”

I’ve tried to fit in this box time and time again –

My shoulders pressed tightly against its inner walls

Breaths forced in and out of scarred lungs

Legs riddled with cramps, neck trumpet bent

My wings unable to extend –

My heart beating irregularly, conforming to the beat and tempo of others—

My mind synchronized to the thoughts of another day

Puzzled by the comfort others discover in the box

Trespassing the borders of my mind to understand

Exploring the cavities of truth and finding emptiness

The thought of the box haunting my dreams, mocking my future

Why must I conform?

Men sculpting their idea of divine manhood

Scoffing at the notion of individuality—

Guilt compelled placed hair

Polished voices leaking insincerity

Sucking passion from the spirit’s electricity

Do I sin in my wish?

Must I be consigned to the box and spend listless days in its confines?

Right or Wrong

Good or Bad

Right or Left

Surrounded by a society who understand only basic mathematics—

I fly out the box with courage and sip passion through a thick straw

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