Monday, June 30, 2008


For some time now, i've been addicted to StumbleUpon. As of late, they've only made things worse by adding YouTube, Myspace, Blogger, Wikipedia, and Flickr to their repertoire of endlessly addicting portals. i've decided that i would share a portion of what i stumble upon in the world of YouTube over the next little while. Today i'd like to share three goodies. Self-publishing and vanity presses aren't all bad, are they? So with that said, welcome to the first of daily (well, we'll see) StumbleTube posts.

quote from Barack's "The Audacity of Hope"

"And yet publicly it's difficult to find much soul-searching or introspection on either side of the divide, or even the slightest admission of responsibility for the gridlock. What we hear instead, not only in campaigns but on editorial pages, on bookstands, or in the ever-expanding blog universe, are deflections of criticism and assignments of blame. Depending on your tastes, our condition is the natural result of radical conservatism or perverse liberalism, Tom DeLay or Nancy Pelosi, big oil or greedy trial lawyers, religious zealots or gay activists, Fox News or the New York Times. How well these stories are told, the subtlety of the arguments and the quality of the evidence, will vary by author, and I won't deny my preference for the story the Democrats tell, nor my belief that the arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact. In distilled form, though, the explanations of both the right and the left have become mirror images of each other. They are stories of conspiracy, of America being hijacked by an evil cabal. Like all good conspiracy theories, both tales contain just enough truth to satisfy those predisposed to believe in them, without admitting any contradictions that might shake up those assumptions. Their purpose is not to persuade the other side but to keep their bases agitated and assured of the rightness of their respective causes --- and lure just enough new adherents to beat the other side into submission" (p. 25).

count me in for at least three of these... be there or be square...

In case yer wondering, i'd hate to miss The Roots, De La Soul, and Andrew Bird. Word.

this concert came to my attention from :: 3daintyDELIGHTS :: and bird on the lawn.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


check out their blog here and there website here. tasty. sustainable. mostly organic. local. mmm.

i highly reccomend it

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

quote from kurt v.

My sister sent me this quote the other day: "When I am writing, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth."

maybe travis is right...(he may be)

travis' blog. i'm still going to retain my hope for the time being. Only time will tell how everything pans out.

he took a polaroid everyday for eighteen years...

wiki says: "Jamie Livingston (October 25, 1956-October 25, 1997) was a New York-based photographer, film-maker and circus performer who from March 31, 1979 through to the day of his death on October 25, 1997 took a Polaroid photograph every day.[1]

Livingston's 'Polaroid a Day' photographic diary started at Bard College and though some photos have gone missing from the collection, 6,697 Polaroids remain. The collection, dated in sequence, has been organized by his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid into an exhibit at the Bertelsmann Campus Center at Bard College called "JAMIE LIVINGSTON. PHOTO OF THE DAY: ", which opened in 2007.[2]"

Click here to view his photos.

this was my experience...

i'm going to be a journalist! until tomorrow or so.

i watched All The President's Men last night. Loved it. Made me want to be a journalist. It also made me sad that a huge story like that could very well break today and be brushed under the rug tomorrow. Remember Florida? Now we joke about it (even Gore joked about it last night)? He stole the election (studio audience roars into laughter --- one distinct laugh heard in the back, perhaps the same prominent laugh from The Cosby Show or the countless press conferences about the war)! This happens to me every time i watch a movie that enthralls me --- i want to be the characters in the movie. Films become a series of potential lives for me to choose from. And, of course, in my reality, i can somehow workout whatever life i ultimately settle on. Of course, i never settle because i continue watching movies. I'm blown about by every wind of plot and interesting existence. Through this, i suppose, remnants of my actual self surface, but with dreams and longings attached. Sneakers made me think about being a guy who breaks into banks and other high security places to test their security with a team of experts. i figured this suited me. It goes on and on.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

three recent poems

1. i want to write a poem less contrived than my emotions

2. i wish my intellect could convince my guilt

3. funner is a word.

Friday, June 13, 2008

got this in the mail today...

i suppose i'll never understand...

seasons (incarnations)

maybe i'll do this again some time, going back a bit further...

i think this is what my friends mean...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

quote from my mom

"politics is show business for ugly people."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i'm voting REPUBLICAN

This video is a little mean-spirited, but funny.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"I think a full, free talk is frequently of great use; we want nothing secret nor
underhanded, and I for one want no association with things that cannot
be talked about and will not bear investigation."

- John Taylor --- Journal of Discourses, vol. 20, p. 264.